About Us

Welcome to NarMoo.

NarMoo is a start-up company who is making high definition headphones. We are a group of people who are fascinated by them, and want to help those who love music and care about sound to experience high quality headphones at affordable prices. We want to provide you with a comfortable wearing and listening experience, and a product that will last.

We started small just like a lot of other companies, and after six months' development were proud to introduce our very first product, the NarMoo R1M. After the success of the R1M, we started development on our second product, and have since released the dual-driver S1.

We have one mission; to satisfy our customers by providing well made earphones capable of delivering music true to the way the artist envisioned it.

We want to ensure our valued customers enjoy their headphones and listening experience, and will assist you in any way possible if you are not satisfied with our products.

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